Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happenings and Whatnots

So, in case anybody reading this is new to LoK, I've posted up all the pages from the original printed comic of Issue Zero "Origins" for everyone to read for free.

Free? Why you ask?

Although it is not my intention for LoK to be a web comic, I feel that it's good to get people interested in the comic. And since it's hard financial times these days, what better way to spread the word than FREE.

I am working on coloring the cover of Issue One, and will post it promptly after it's finished. I have only one or two more pages to pencil of the new issue too. But, I am 8 months pregnant and due at the end of January, so everything is tentative right now.

You can read updates on my blog at my website: (which is also under renovation). But you can also find me as Spyderdust Comics on Facebook, TheSpyderDuster on Twitter and DeviantArt. I also have a newsletter you can subscribe to via e-mail:

But for now, have a wonderful New Year's, see ya soon!


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